February Newsletter

February 26, 2021

10 Winter Driving Tips From a Seasoned Driver

Being on the road in the winter requires drivers to stay on their toes, says EMC Senior Engineer Jim Stotser. And Jim should know: He travels up to 50,000 miles each year in all types of weather for his job. Follow Jim’s tried-and-true winter driving tips. Click here to read the 10 tips.

Real Life Lessons From Truck Drivers Injured at Work: Blown Away on an Interstate

Those who pull van trailers immediately understand the significance of this topic. Vans have a very large surface area and when the wind blows the driver knows – most of the time. However, that was not the case last February in western Kentucky because the wind came from out of no where and Phil had no idea what was getting ready to happen. If he had, then he would have taken some precautionary action.

Weather patterns vary based upon the location and the season. In some places the weather can be very unpredictable during transitional seasons like late winter and early spring. Such was the case in western Kentucky. Warm air was being blown up from the south in front of an approaching cold front. When the cold front is strong the southern winds will also be strong, and sometimes contain gusts. It was one of these gusts that lifted Phil’s left rear trailer tandems off the road and eventually caused Phil to lose steering control. His reaction resulted in an overturned tractor and trailer, some minor injuries to himself and a blocked Interstate. Click here to continue reading Phil’s story.