Commercial Accounts

Nansemond Insurance Agency is a regional leader in protecting Commercial customers. It is all we do.

Education & experience

Education and experience are invaluable. Our commercial sales and insurance team of ten professionals includes six degreed Certified Insurance Counselors and three Certified Insurance Service Representatives.

Insurance Carriers

Wide range of insurance carriers provides you with competitive and specialized insurance programs. Nansemond holds brokerage, agents and consulting licenses to provide you with the widest range of choices. From providing bonds to study of contract wording, Nansemond protects you in a challenging world.

Compliance and Safety

have never been more important to you, and these will be growing issues. See our Claims, Safety and Compliance section to review what Nansemond can do to help you.

Large Account

plans are common to commercial customers and our alternatives to traditional insurance match well with these operations. See our “Outside the Box-Insurance Captives” to learn how this may help you.

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