Insurance Captives

Nansemond Insurance Agency is one of the few agencies in the area with experience and specialization in Insurance Captives.

Captive Insurance

It is not self insurance. It is a risk and reward premium plan that awards safe operations with returns of premiums and investment income from insurance dollars.

The non-traditional market now insures more large account premium dollars than the traditional insurance you have come to know.

Who Qualifies

Generally, accounts paying a total of $150,000 or more for Auto, Work Comp, and General Liability combined may find Captives and large deductible programs attractive. Certain industries may see more or less needed. Your losses must be under control to benefit. But for the best accounts, Captives and Large Deductibles may be your future.


Our Captive customers are not tied to the insurance marketplace, standard rates, or minimum premiums. Your losses determine your costs. Premiums well below the standard market can be seen.

What is Needed

To investigate Captives, you may wish to work outside your insurance renewal date and consider this long term solution well in advance. Do not rush into a Captive. We can guide you in your review. Captives are not for everyone.

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