Claims, Safety, & Compliance


We help you through large and small claims using our Keystone connection experienced claims examiner who finds coverage, maximizes payments due to you, and limits liability claims payments to others. We work for you, not an insurance carrier.

Real life example: A crime situation resulted in a theft loss denied by insurance carrier. Our examiner sent the insurance carrier a detailed review and found $25,000 of coverage. Results: Claim Paid!

You are impacted by dollars paid out on Work Comp and Liability claims. We understand that impact and review these with claim handlers to limit undeserved payments.

Real Life example: Our insured’s truck was stopped to make a pickup with safety lights flashing. Another party ran into the back of our insured. Our claims specialists insisted that the insurance carrier send out an engineer to measure daylight and visibility. Results: Claim controlled!


DOT and OSHA can cost you money. Our consultants in each field offer mock audits, help in coming into compliance and on-site help at audit time.

Real Life example: Real Life example: DOT called to do an audit on a not-for-hire fleet. Our consultant rushed in to prepare for the audit, helped correct problems and represented our insured at the actual audit. Result: Clear Audit!


Through our online trademarked BLR safety service, we offer you custom designed complete safety programs, documentation and resources. We are web enabled so that you can access us at anytime. Our DOT and Work Comp safety consultants make on-site visits and report to you only and work only for you, not an insurance carrier. We allow you to take control of your safety and claims.

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