February Newsletter

March 03, 2020

Independent Contractor

The Independent Contractor model is under attack across the country causing disruption, confusion and in many instances loss of work for the tens of millions who enjoy its freedom and flexibility. From nurses to truckers to those trying to raise a family, the independent contractor role is vital to the American lifestyle.

Those that drive for a living have had a history of issues with the classification of workers as Independent Contractors. California, New York and New Jersey have deemed the driving/trucking industry to be one of the abusers of the Independent Contractor model and are attempting to prohibit that relationship. Click here to read more.

6 Trucking in America: Senate Hearing

February 4, 2020 – The Senate Subcommittee on Transportation and Safety held a hearing to discuss the State of Trucking in America. With various stakeholders representing the trucking industry, committee members heard expert testimony for and against the issues of the day and questioned the panel of experts on those specific hot topics. There wasn’t much in the way of consensus amongst the panel of experts, but the fact that the Committee heard from all sides was important. Several of trucking’s top priorities were discussed: Hours of Service (HOS); truck technologies i.e., automatic emergency braking, speed limiters and universal electronic identifiers; the Drive Safe Act; the industry’s driver shortage; and the 7 bands of the 5.9gh spectrum.

Hours Of Service (HOS) – To illustrate the inflexibility of a one-size-fits-all regulatory approach, the hauling of live animals was highlighted by Jake Parnell, Manager, Cattlemen’s Livestock Market; Director, Livestock Marketing Association. As noted by Parnell, often times a driver of livestock can reach a destination within the HOS limits, but in those instances where it is not possible, the safety of the animals is a key concern. Having livestock sit in a truck for 10 hours while the diver rests can be a grave scenario for the animals, costly for the business and unsafe for the driver. FMCSA has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to update the HOS requirements and has taken public comments. Click here to learn more about this hearing.